We help laboratories deliver patient results through our secure portal, so they can save thousands and thrive at provider and patient care.

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What is LabSender?

LabSender is a HIPAA-compliant portal for creating orders and sending patient results. It's accessible, affordable, and flexible. Watch the video to learn more.

is a healthcare IT tool for laboratories, providers, and their patients. It sends an invitation via email or text to your users notifying them that results are ready to view. Invite 

 Click They click on a link in the invitation,

Easily verify their identity, Verify 

 View  And view their results in our secure web portal.

Easy, secure, and fully HIPAA-compliant.

 Still relying on ancient tech to send your patient results? And killing a few trees in the process?

. . . is an environmentally-friendly, fully automated solution. Your staff will no longer be tied up on the phone, chained to a fax machine, or bogged down by outdated tech.

Patients receive their results as soon as they are available—a life-changing difference.

No more blurry faxes!

Integrating your system just got easy.

Screenshot of Connection

Connect easily via SFTP, Web API, or whatever method you prefer.

Screenshot of Invitation Button

Invite your users to securely view their test results.

Screenshot of Vew Button

Track who sees results and pay a dime only for viewed messages.

You Can Take Control!

You have the option to tell LabSender where to look for data in each HL7 message. With LabSender, you're the one in control.

Need a Results PDF?

When needed, LabSender is able to generate a white-labeled PDF directly from your HL7 message in seconds.

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At only 10¢ per message viewed by a patient or provider and 10¢ for each order created, LabSender is affordable for any lab. Since all charges are based on volume, you have the control. No surprises.

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A dime a message!

How much will you save?

  • NO hidden fees.
  • NO recurring monthly fee.
  • NO charge for unopened messages.
  • 10¢ per open message--THAT'S IT!

The set up fee for the old way of approaching an integration typically carries a hefty price. With no set up fees, you can look forward to instant savings of $5,000 to $15,000.

Other services charge for every message received and then charge for every message sent. Use LabSender, and you will only be charged for messages actually viewed.

At 10¢ for each message, you'd pay . . .  

An integration
you can afford!
A sensible solution
for labs of any size.